Fetal presentation prior to delivery

The way a toddler is positioned in the uterus just right before start can have a major influence on labor and supply. This positioning is known as fetal presentation.

Babies twist, extend and tumble rather a little bit all through being pregnant. Prior to labor starts, on the other hand, they commonly appear to relaxation in a way that permits them to be delivered via the delivery canal headfirst. This situation is termed cephalic presentation. But there are other methods a toddler may possibly settle just just before labor starts.

Following are some of the feasible techniques a little one may well be positioned at the close of pregnancy.

Head down, deal with down

When a little one is head down, experience down, the professional medical time period for it is the cephalic occiput anterior situation. This the most typical placement for a infant to be born in. With the facial area down and turned a bit to the side, the smallest part of the baby’s head sales opportunities the way by the start canal. It is the easiest way for a newborn to be born.

Illustration of the head-down, face-down position

Head down, confront up

When a baby is head down, face up, the health-related phrase for it is the cephalic occiput posterior situation. In this place, it may possibly be more challenging for a baby’s head to go beneath the pubic bone in the course of shipping and delivery. That can make labor consider for a longer period.

Most infants who get started labor in this posture eventually turn to be experience down. If that won’t take place, and the 2nd phase of labor is using a prolonged time, a member of the overall health care workforce may well arrive at through the vagina to help the little one transform. This is known as guide rotation.

In some circumstances, a toddler can be born in the head-down, facial area-up situation. Use of forceps or a vacuum system to support with delivery is more prevalent when a toddler is in this situation than in the head-down, encounter-down placement. In some cases, a C-portion shipping may perhaps be wanted.

Illustration of the head-down, face-up position

Frank breech

When a baby’s feet or buttocks are in place to occur out very first throughout birth, it truly is known as a breech presentation. This occurs in about 3% to 4% of infants close to the time of start. The baby revealed underneath is in a frank breech presentation. Which is when the knees usually are not bent, and the feet are close to the baby’s head. This is the most prevalent style of breech presentation.

If you are extra than 36 weeks into your pregnancy and your toddler is in a frank breech presentation, your health and fitness treatment qualified could try out to shift the newborn into a head-down posture. This is performed making use of a treatment referred to as exterior cephalic edition. It involves one or two associates of the health and fitness care workforce placing pressure on your belly with their palms to get the baby to roll into a head-down situation.

If the process isn’t profitable, or if the toddler moves back again into a breech situation, discuss with a member of your overall health care group about the options you have for supply. Most babies in a frank breech posture are born by prepared C-area.

Illustration of the frank breech position

Entire and incomplete breech

A entire breech presentation, as proven underneath, is when the toddler has each knees bent and the two legs pulled near to the entire body. In an incomplete breech, one or each of the legs are not pulled near to the system, and one particular or both equally of the feet or knees are beneath the baby’s buttocks. If a newborn is in possibly of these positions, you could truly feel kicking in the lessen element of your belly.

If you are far more than 36 months into your being pregnant and your little one is in a complete or incomplete breech presentation, your well being care experienced may perhaps try to shift the baby into a head-down situation. This is done applying a process known as external cephalic version. It consists of one or two customers of the health treatment team putting stress on your tummy with their fingers to get the child to roll into a head-down posture.

If the technique is not successful, or if the baby moves back again into a breech place, discuss with a member of your wellbeing care crew about the possibilities you have for shipping and delivery. Quite a few toddlers in a comprehensive or incomplete breech placement are born by planned C-part.

Illustration of a complete breech presentation


When a baby is sideways — lying horizontal throughout the uterus, instead than vertical — it really is referred to as a transverse lie. In this posture, the baby’s again may be:

  • Down, with the back facing the start canal.
  • Sideways, with 1 shoulder pointing toward the beginning canal.
  • Up, with the hands and ft going through the beginning canal.

Although numerous babies are sideways early in pregnancy, handful of continue to be this way when labor commences.

If your little one is in a transverse lie throughout 7 days 37 of your pregnancy, your overall health treatment experienced may well attempt to go the child into a head-down placement. This is finished making use of a procedure called exterior cephalic variation. Exterior cephalic variation entails just one or two members of your wellbeing treatment workforce placing stress on your stomach with their palms to get the toddler to roll into a head-down situation.

If the process is just not effective, or if the infant moves back into a transverse lie, speak with a member of your well being care team about the decisions you have for delivery. Several infants who are in a transverse lie are born by C-section.

Illustration of baby lying sideways


If you’re pregnant with twins and only the twin which is lessen in the uterus is head down, as demonstrated beneath, your health care service provider may possibly initial produce that toddler vaginally.

Then, in some instances, your overall health care staff may well counsel offering the next twin in the breech posture. Or they may well test to transfer the 2nd twin into a head-down placement. This is finished applying a technique identified as exterior cephalic version. Exterior cephalic model requires one particular or two customers of the wellness care crew placing tension on your tummy with their arms to get the baby to roll into a head-down situation.

Your health and fitness treatment staff may perhaps suggest shipping and delivery by C-portion for the second twin if:

  • An attempt to supply the newborn in the breech position is not productive.
  • You do not want to check out to have the newborn delivered vaginally in the breech place.
  • An attempt to transfer the baby into a head-down position is not prosperous.
  • You do not want to attempt to go the baby to a head-down place.

In some conditions, your well being treatment crew may well suggest that you have both twins sent by C-area. That might materialize if the decreased twin is not head down, the next twin has small or superior start bodyweight as compared to the very first twin, or if preterm labor starts.

Illustration of twins before birth